Handling High Traffic Websites – 10K users at the same time.

UPDATE 8/3/2016: New record: 20014 users on at the same time. We’ve been hosting and handling many high traffic news websites, but today marks a record with bipartisanreport.com‘s new record. We managed to serve the website to 10,114 users that were online and surfing the website. The website had over 1 Million views today! With … Continued

Security is a process.

We have all heard the saying, “Life is a journey, not a destination.” Those of us dealing with information security have a similar saying, “Security is a process, not a point project (or product.)” It’s a great saying and I’m willing to bet it’s probably one of the few statements related to security that you … Continued

SEO is a process.

Search Engine Optimization or SEO for short, is  a process. The markup should be built into the HTML (Built by Web Designer) during the coding, the application behavior of an optimized program   (Built By The Programmer) needs to have SEO implemented into it (A good example of this is SEO-Friendly-URls, or 301 Redirects) , … Continued

AMP Website Development For Accelerated Mobile Pages

  ColumbusSoft if one the front developers in AMP Website Development that can help you benefit from the upcoming feature in Google Search results. This feature relies on Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) – small, lightweight HTML pages that are optimized to load very fast on mobile devices. Google will soon show valid AMP pages with special features in … Continued

Instructions on how to set time_zone Session Parameter with RDS

After much search and finding refrences like these that deem this impossible, even by AWS support, we have figured out how to set the default time zone for every session. The reason AWS doesn’t support this is because it messes with the Replication/Multi-AZ and other aspects of the proprietor MySQL architecture on RDS. Amazon RDS … Continued

Amazon CloudFront Now Support Configurable Default TTL and Max TTL

Amazon CloudFront now allows you to set two new values, a Default TTL (Time To Live) and a Max time-to-live, so that you can control how long CloudFront caches your objects in each CDN node. This dramatically increases your control over the cache duration which previously only allowed you to set the Minimum TTL. Learn more about setting cascading cache rules for … Continued

Your website must be mobile friendly by tomorrow!

Google has just changed their search algorithm and how it will be ranking websites. Starting today the websites that are not either responsive, or have an alternative mobile website version that displays by identifying mobile devices, will be penalized in their SEO ranking, the mobile-friendly websites equipped with big fonts and big clickable elements and set Viewports, responsive … Continued

Mod Security & Amazon Cloud Front Problems

Misuse of CloudFront by hackers can get your CDN blocked by your server, this can be a problem. Unfortunately for security reasons you do not want to allow CloudFront to by pass mod security, as this can be exploited by Mod Security: # lfd: (mod_security) mod_security (id:210410) triggered by (US/United States/server-216-137-42-131.dfw3.r.cloudfront.net): 5 in … Continued

Comodo Web Application Firewall – Modsecurity Vendor Rules For cPanel/WHM

ColumbusSoft’s Free collection of multiple 3rd-Party and customer ModSecurity rule sets to add additional security with extra attention to WordPress, WHMCS, Joomla, Prestashop and etc. In this release we have included the Comodo Web Application Firewall, a set of Free ModSecurity Rules from Comodo that provides powerful, real-time protection for your web applications, this is while cPanel/WHM has launched … Continued

Amazon Route 53 Changing Health Checking IP Ranges

If you’re using Route 53 health checks, you must ensure that your router and firewall rules allow inbound traffic from the IP addresses used by Route 53’s health checkers, so that Route 53 can access the endpoints that you specify in your health checks. As we have explained earlier in our forum post [ https://forums.aws.amazon.com/ann.jspa?annID=1838 … Continued