The world of web design is constantly changing. Last year's breakthrough design ideas are old news today. Columbus Soft stays on top of the latest trends by providing free access to education and other resources for our designers. Web design is an art that combines creative talent and programming knowledge.

HTML5 Rocks!

HTML5 introduces many cutting-edge features that enable developers to create apps and websites with the functionality, speed, performance, and experience of desktop applications. But unlike desktop applications, apps built on the web platform can reach a much broader audience using a wider array of devices. HTML5 accelerates the pace of your innovation.

LESS CSS Less is More!

The dynamic stylesheet language. LESS extends CSS with dynamic behavior such as variables, mixins, operations and functions.

CSS 3 The Art Of Web Design

Many exciting new functions and features are being thought up for CSS3. We try to take advantage of these features as soon as they are cross browser compatible to make your website stand out.

Javascript, Ajax, jQuery

When you build an Ajax application, you provide your users with a richer and more responsive user experience. You can use Ajax features to enhance server-based communitcations.Good Ajax and Javascript is what separates boys from men in this industry. We consider ourselves as being Javascript Ninjas, and Ajax Professionals with cutting edge proprietary techniques.