Offsite SEO consists of all the Search Engine Optimization done on the internet outside of your own website and domain. These can been back links, directory listings, press releases, social media accounts, 3rd Party blogs, web 2.0 authority links and etc.

Below is a list of offsite SEO methods that work with the latest algorithms of Search Engines, most notably Google.  When a method loses it’s effect or a new method emerges we update the list.

Keep in mind that Google does not like you to be smart and get an edge on your rankings by tweaking the variables in their algorithm that make you rank higher.

That is why they constantly change their algorithm and a real SEO firm needs to have the technical experts to reverse engineer these methods. At ColumbusSoft we maintain highly effective methods of Offsite SEO that WORK and you can place your order immediately.

But do not wait, take advantage of these methods today while they work.

Submit site to 25 – 100 Directory Listings. (20-50 SEO Points)

Let our dedicated team of citation specialists clean-up your existing citations, fix incorrect information & build new listings that boost your local authority in Google.

We will submit your business to local directories like Yellow Pages and Google Maps. Let your clients find you more directly and in more ways, especially targeted ones in your local area.

We do update our lists frequently with Google and Bing’s respected Authority sites. When doing submissions.

We provide control to the submissions upon completion. We’ll give you the details of the email that we use to make the submissions along with any login information for the individual submissions themselves. This will allow you to keep profiles up to date.

This will increase your Domain Moz Authority, Backlinks, Competitive Link Metrics and Page Rank in 30 days.  This is one of the most effective SEO methods, unfortunately it is a one time thing but a must have for an initial boost!

Submit to 25-35 Listings  (20 – 30 SEO Points)

(We submit to 35, some may disprove or you may already have them)

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Submit to 80-100 Listings  (30 – 60 SEO Points)

(We submit to 100, some may not go through, disapprove or already exist)

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*Keep in mind the quality and authority of our listings Global and/or in your industry may decrease drastically after the 40th listing, but these are still positive back links that you will still benefit from having.

Article on Industry Related Website

(We Do Not Accept Orders for Pharmaceuticals, Adult Websites, Gambling or Payday Loans.We do accept posts for legal marijuana but before ordering, please submit a support ticket as special terms and conditions apply)

This is our #1 power-house SEO product. Real quality links from real news and blog websites that are actually ranking in Google – you honestly cant get much better than this. We are affiliated with News Aggregation and Blogs that make a living from Ads because their website is ranked so high. Once you place an order we will contact the websites that match your industry and have their all America professional authors write up a high quality article. Then our SEO specialist will optimize these with high quality SEO markup code using HTML tags and meta data geared towards SEO. We then publish these posts and use news aggregators to grab Google and others attention.

 Do not under estimate the value of a handful of these links – very, very powerful. Ideally, you would combine these links with our other link products for the best results.

We will first seek out sites in your niche that are DA50+. We will only use DA 40+ sites if we are unable to find a suitable DA 50+ in your niche

With this service, our designated outreach managers and artful writers coordinate with each other to create a powerful publicity campaign that stretches out to key industry sites and authorities we can get our hands on for powerful links on.
We only approach established sites. This means that not only do these publications add tremendous power to your link profile, but in most cases, each individual posting can become a long-term traffic source in and of itself.
– We only publish on 100% real sites
– We ensure the content is carefully crafted and unique
This is the one of the most affordable and powerful options you can have for legit white-hat links that have been done through true outreach and hard-earned relationships.
Here are some vital details of these guest posts:
* Domain Authority of up to 50+ based on price range
* Real sites ranking in Google (powerful)
* Real sites owned by real webmasters
* We will post your link within a unique article onto a niche site (and a news site if we can’t find a related site who will work with us)

The bottom line is that these are the kinds of links you can’t “buy”. They need to be earned, favor-traded, negotiated… or otherwise strategically acquired. (This is literally as powerful and legitimate as it gets in terms of SEO).

IMPORTANT: Please understand that due to the complexity and time required to source these posts, that no review of, or changes to the content written, or anchor texts used, will be allowed.

Featured Article on Key Industry Site  (+15 SEO Point)

The website will have a Domain Moz Authority of 40-60.

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Featured Article on Industry Site  (+6 SEO Point)

The website will have a Domain Moz Authority of 20-39.

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Entry Level Guest Posting  (+2 SEO Points)

The website will have a Domain Moz Authority of 10 or more.

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Professional Press Release in the News  (+15 SEO Points)

This is our Newsworthy Pro Press Release (Writing & Distribution included) and is a professional and high quality press release service. Our team of highly skilled American press release writers will craft a power press release for you on any subject with the exception of gambling, adult and prescription drug products. You will be able to review this press release before it is sent out to our distribution network.

IMPORTANT: Once we have written this PR, you will be required to review it before any further distribution can proceed. We will send you an EM when it has been written, but please make sure you check your “Orders/Manage Press Releases”.

Your press release will have a 98% chance of being featured in Google News, as well as The Press Enterprise, MercuryNews, The Boston Globe,, The Daily Herald and hundreds/thousands more.

Here are some of our client’s PRs that we’ve got permission to share with you: