What is ColumbusSoft?

We are a full service software agency specializing in web technology. We offer programs designed to support the successful development, maintenance & marketing of websites, mobile applications and other software to elite businesses and organizations looking for premium quality through an array of online support, resources, services, and products. Developed and orchestrated by us first hand or through our network of industry giants, including Partnership Programs with Google, and Amazon Web Services.

Customer satisfaction is our most important product. Personal attention, competitive prices, unique design, performance, security and real world results set us apart.

In the end, every company will eventually realize that for a real in-house tech department, contracting a US based company is the only way to go. With our team here in the US you will get access to a very valuable resource pool of highly skilled and experienced Programmers, Web Developers, Designers, SEO Gurus, Security Consultants and other IT professionals, who are able to guarantee world-class quality of developments at an affordable price, and take responsibility for their actions if necessary. People who live in the same legal system and have the same multi-cultural diverse values as any other American.

Your one and only stop for your website & online business needs.

From Hosting, Web Design, Web Development & Programming to Security, Marketing & SEO…
Leave your website and applications to the Masters, focus on what you do best!


We've Partnered with the Industry Leaders

Allowing us to bring you the fastest, most secure, and high-tech service, to give you an edge against the competition.


Why Us?


We’ve been doing websites since 2000. we’ve been around for a while and we’re not going anywhere. When we come to the table we bring our extensive knowledge base, experience and a invaluable library of code and creative geniuses.


We’re only a call or click away. Our hardware and technology runs on Amazon Web Services, the leading and future of tech. And we are truly cutting edge tech, we’re not just saying that. Take a look at our ratings and testimonials.


From our competitive hourly rate to how quick we can complete a project you’ll find that we are very affordable. We also offer discounts for non-profit organizations and academic establishments.


Everything we do is scalable and designed to grow as your business grows. Adjusting resources, code, hosting, bandwidth and features is designed to take minimal effort. There is a reason our servers are called Elastic Compute Clouds. You can upgrade your server to a mega cloud to handle a million users for one day and then downgrade back to micro instances.


From your first contact with your personal Project Manager you’ll know you’re in good hands. No matter what the request we’re here to help 24/7/365. Furthermore many of our services are supported by 3rd parties such as Google and Amazon. You can call, text, email your project manager or contact the support department via email, phone, live chat or by opening a support ticket.


From our secure network router firewalls to our coding procedures we do our best to make sure our clients data is as secure as possible. We really put a lot of effort into security. It is truly our first focus area at all times. It is our purpose, Our niche, Our Difference. Make sure to read below about our 7 Layer Security Firewall or checkout our Security Services page for more info.
Prepare Before Taking Any Steps

Make A Plan

Find A Project Manager / Full Service Company

Before you start the process. You need to plan ahead. Don’t take it one step at a time. Everything needs to go hand in hand.

  • The HTML (Design Process) needs to be generated by the program. (Develop Process)
  • SEO (Marketing Process) should be built into the HTML. (Design Process)
  • The programming needs be compatible with the hosting environment.
  • Security is not a task but a process. Every step needs to be assessed for security.
  • Domains should be in Sync with nameservers and the needs of the program/developers.

Those few examples may have you start questioning:

  • What about emails and MX Recods.
  • Where will your domains reside?
  • Who will handle your DNS and network?
  • What company will be hosting the website?
  • Which Web Master will handle the technical stuff?
  • Who will develop it?
  • Who will you reach out to if the site breaks?
  • SEO? Programmers? Web Designer? Project Manager?
  • And what will keep all this together?

That is where ColumbusSoft is your best option. We are one of the few companies that truly offer all the services required and are specialized in each field. It will be a great relief to have a single project manager dedicated to you that knows everything about everything.

Hosting & Servers

Domains & DNS

Database Solutions & Administrators

Content Delivery Networks


Payment Processing & Monetization

Web Design & Development

Programming & Algorithms

Mobile Application & Design

Marketing & Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Backups & Storage

Security & Hacking Prevention

The first step is to take one.

Find The Perfect Brand

Register a domain to start you email, website and incorporate your company.




Managed WordPress

This package is exclusively for WordPress websites. To beat all major companies, we offer more specs a offer a true fully managed solution. We handle the hosting, setup, configuration, all the Web Master work so you can focus on creating an amazing website.
  • Under 1 Second Responce
  • 300 GB Storage
  • 999,999 Visits Monthly
  • All Features Guaranteed
$14.99 / month


Most Popular package for most business websites. Ideal for low traffic websites that do not receive a lot of traffic but want high quality hosting and benefits of a virtual dedicated server and faster response times than general hosting or want the extra edge of the superior network for SEO.
  • 1 CPU Intel Xeon E5
  • 1 GB Dedicated RAM
  • 100 GB Storage
  • All VPS Features
$24.99 / month


The next step up if a Micro instance just doesn't cut it. Double the ram and a CPU with the ability to burst above the baseline. With faster Input/Output this package is usually a milestone in the growth of every business.
  • 1 CPU Intel Xeon E5
  • 2 GB Dedicated RAM
  • 300 GB Storage
  • All VPS Features
$39.99 / month

Medium Cloud

The Medium Cloud is for Applications that require dedicated resources at all times and need higher network throughput and I/O time.
  • 2 CPU Intel Xeon E5
  • 4 GB Dedicated RAM
  • 500 GB Storage
  • All Dedicated Features
$79.99 / month
Need more specs? These are only our FREE TRIAL packages. We offer servers up to 40 CPU, 160GB RAM.

There is nothing we can not handle!

Check out our hosting page for all our hosting packages, including custom hosting.


Do It Right The First Time
Web Design & Coding

Don’t let the name fool you, Web Design is a lot more than design.

Professional Web Design is different than any other design, it requires coding and an architecture that will adapt to different devices, the math and geometry add an engineering element to the artistic design process, and that is what makes us different. A web designer has to turn text and code into art, it is not drawing on a canvas.

We’ll just let you see for yourself below…

Interactive Website Design Showcase

We can't brag without showing some sample work...

Click on any of the screenshots below to preview them in the live interactive browser simulator.

Since our website is served over a secure connection (HTTPS) we had to hand pick a few sample clients with an SSL certificate to showcase in the browser simulator below.
To see hundreds of other websites we’ve done check the portfolio page.
To purchase an SSL or learn more visit our SSL Website

Try using the scroll bars or clicking on the links!


Programming & Development

Software is our middle name. This is what we went into business for.

This is one our #1 power-house product. We provide the highest quality web development, in fact ColumbuSoft started as Software Programming & Web Development company, without offering any other services. We then added security, web design, hosting, SEO, Web Mastery in that order.   We always use the cutting edge technology,  while focusing on hardware efficiency, scalability,  performance and most importantly security. We out do most other firms in these areas and our applications are coded using enterprise standards and compliances.

We’ll cut to the chase…

Use the tools below to get an automatic Website Audit for any site, whether your own, a competitor or one of our clients for a comparison:


Page Speed & Performance Test.


Security & Web Vulnerability Scan

Email me website audits for the website:


Code Validation & Browser Compatibility


Search Engine Optimization & Crawler Readability.

The 5th Step is actually a process

Maintain - Secure - Promote - Grow

It is called running your business!

Now that you are up and fully functioning. You need Maintain it. While you promote and market your business. (Marketing & SEO), and you need to make sure you protect your data and organization from hackers, competitors, and outsiders. (Security).

And most importantly grow your business, the easiest way to grow your business is to take advantage of already made tools that can empower your business, ColumbusSoft provides a large array of products and addons for you to take advantage of.




Some of the most recognized national brands use ColumbusSoft. Here are some you probably know. To see a bigger list check here


Neo (ColumbusSoft Project Manager) is blessed with considerable talent. He constantly works to cultivate his knowledge, whether it be for client projects or just to stay at the edge of innovation. He is creative and wise beyond his years. He is honest and one of the most humble people I have worked with. His humility to his own intellectual genius is marked by modesty. If I were to go into battle, I would want no one else standing by my side.
ColumbusSoft has and continues to be amazing to work with - always with a quick, smart, and efficient solution to our programming needs. I have never worked with programmers who were such a pleasure to work with - in whom I had such faith. I recommend ColumbusSoft highly!
We are very pleased to be working with you and it's a big step up in terms of where we were for the last couple of years. We have realized numerous benefits in having ColumbusSoft manage our hosting and software development activities.
Neo and the ColumbusSoft team are responsive and quickly integrate ideas and changes into the platform they are building. Having worked with other website developers before, I know that ColumbusSoft is unique. They did live changes over the phone with me, so that I could see my ideas come to life, which I have never seen anyone do before! It was especially helpful and instructive, making real-time changes and being a part of creating my vision. I would definitely recommend hiring ColumbusSoft to help you build and manage your website; also their prices cannot be beat!
We are lucky to have ColumbusSoft, we feel as if we have our own IT department who supports all our technology needs, they even once repaired our Panoramic X-Ray machine in the Dental office when we couldn't get a tech here in time. They programmed a software that did the job better than the original software, if you are looking for an all-in-one company, I highly recommend them. You will have all the technology advances to get ahead.
A professional hard working group of young people who deliver high quality for an affordable price!! They did a great dynamic website for our Physics Department Staff at California State University in Pomona, CA. Neo was very well versed in Physics and Mathematics and was able to fill the gap between the Physicist and Software Engineers.
Paul Azous
Author of 2 books
Amanda Brotman
Amanda Pearl
Fashion Designer
Michael Skelps
President Of Capstone
Patent Reform Activist
Rachel Rettman
Corporate Consultant
Executive Coach
Dr. John Sada
Plaza Financial Group
Oral Surgeon
Dr. Homeyra S.
Nuclear Physics Professor
California State University

Enabling your Web Success.

15 Years of Web Development & Software Programming Makes a Difference.
It takes 10,000 hours to Master something. — Malcolm Gladwell
AS OF 01/01/2016
AS OF 01/01/2016