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ColumbusSoft if one the front developers in AMP Website Development that can help you benefit from the upcoming feature in Google Search results. This feature relies on Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) – small, lightweight HTML pages that are optimized to load very fast on mobile devices. Google will soon show valid AMP pages with special features in Google Search results. Compliant AMP pages on your site will be eligible to be shown in search results with these new features.

We encourage you to become an early adopter of this exciting technology. You can hire ColumbusSoft to develop AMP for your existing website, the following steps will guide you through the process of creating AMP pages:

Make your content AMP-compatible now:

1 Read about the AMP initiative

Understand the AMP Project and how it will help improve the mobile web experience.

2 Create AMP pages with Google-specific requirements

Learn how to create AMP pages that can be served with AMP-related features on Google Search. In some cases, you can simply embed a plug-in in your Content Management System (CMS).

3 Verify your implementation

Use the AMP status report to confirm that Google is able to crawl your AMP pages. Note that it can take a week or longer for Googlebot to recrawl and reprocess your pages.

Learn more about AMP:

Read Google’s Webmaster Central blog post on AMP.
Follow the developer community on StackOverflow that provides support for AMP HTML.
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