Handling High Traffic Websites – 10K users at the same time.

UPDATE 8/3/2016: New record: 20014 users on at the same time.


We’ve been hosting and handling many high traffic news websites, but today marks a record with bipartisanreport.com‘s new record. We managed to serve the website to 10,114 users that were online and surfing the website. The website had over 1 Million views today! With the election heat at it’s peak we expect to have higher records soon. Bipartisan report has an average of almost 20 million users a month, If you are looking to host your high traffic wordpress website at a fraction of the price while handling more workload, make sure to get a quote from us.


How do we do it?

We have a proprietary setup, and we would like to keep it a secret, but we’ll tell you about some of the technologies that we offer through AWS… Multiple EC2 servers on AWS using EC2 Containers and Load Balancing, using Memcache/Redis on ElastiCache and Multi-AZ RDS Databases with multiple Slaves. We offer a very secret and custom variations of NGINX that blows even our LiteSpeed servers out of the water, and we use CloudFront and Amazon S3 for the delivery of media through our custom WordPress Plugin.




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