Payment Processing Solution

As partner and an Authorized Authorize.Net Reseller, and developer we provide the top of the line integration to accept payments online straight from your cosumers browsers into your pocket. And what is even better? The additional service is FREE! The Authorize.Net account is cheaper. The Transaction Fees are lower than ever, and you get all of $30 extra packages for free! Please understand that all the charges will still be by, we simply get paid by them to be a reseller, sell and provide the level of technical support and integration that they do not offer.

Service Authorize.Net Direct ColumbusSoft Reseller
Setup$200.00 (Non-Refundable)$49.00 (Refundable)
Developer Integration(Not-Offered) Cost: $40-$600Free
Monthly Gateway$25-$49 (varies at times)$25.00
Technical SupportLimitedFull Support
Credit Card Per Transaction2.9% + $0.302.9% + $0.30
Automated Recurring Billing TM$10Free
Advanced Fraud Detection Suite TM$10Free
Customer Information Manager$10Free
Please understand that the following information is passed on to Payment Gateway and the Merchant Account for the purpose of underwriting, and Columbus Software LLC does not store the following information.

You may complete your ColumbusSoft/Authorize.Net Application on the Authorize.Net website, but we will not be able to expedite your application. If you choose to do so be alarmed that in the event that you do not sign up directly from and only from the link provided, or if Authorize.Net fails to communicate with us, will not be able to offer you the free reseller services or support including integration Link To Apply Indirectly (not recommended)

For that reason, the recommended way to signup and allow us to expedite your application is to signup directly from our website so that our staff is informed immediately and have proof of your application submission.

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