Your website must be mobile friendly by tomorrow!

Google has just changed their search algorithm and how it will be ranking websites. Starting today the websites that are not either responsive, or have an alternative mobile website version that displays by identifying mobile devices, will be penalized in their SEO ranking, the mobile-friendly websites equipped with big fonts and big clickable elements and set Viewports, responsive to resizes to fit the mobile and tablet screens will rank higher.

Google announced this algorithm change back in February. These changes are not small either, Google announced that they will “have a significant impact in our search results.” Google want to return relevant, high quality search results that are optimized for the viewer device.

With over 60% of search traffic pouring in from mobile and tablets, small businesses – especially ones dependent on local search – need to ensure they’ve made the necessary changes so that their sites aren’t penalized by Google’s new ranking system. Columbus Software clients have already been optimized as early as 2008 and all websites have been responsive since 2012. New customers however can be assisted, we can fix the issue by writing responsive CSS 3 Media based queries to create a mobile fit-able version of your website by the end of weekend for only $150. Act now before you sink down in search!

Google has provided companies with a guide to creating mobile-friendly websites as well as a test to see whether or not pages pass its mobile-friendly bar.

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