AWS SDK Loader Module For Prestashop

We have finished the first version of the Prestashop Module to load the AWS SDK Loader. The purpose of this module is to allow developers and site owners to use and develop custom scripts and modules that work with the Amazon Web Services PHP SDK, with the separation of concerns and preventing conflict between multiple modules … Continued

Live Chat Bar – Chrome Plugin

We have developed the Google Chrome plugin for our live chat bar software, that can be accessed here: We are getting very close to finishing the Live Chat Bar Software as a Service. You can view more details on our Live Chat Bar website: This software will show you every visitor that comes to your website instantly … Continued

PrestaShop Amazon Web Services Module

ColumbusSoft has submitted the PrestaShop Amazon Web Services Module to the Official PrestShop Addons site. This Module will allow you to load the AWS SDK for PHP, to be used by other modules or custom scripts without any conflicts as a result of each loading the SDK separately. Once enabled, you can access the AWS SDK … Continued

ColumbusSoft Version 3 Released!

We have updated our entire site, as web developers we like to stay on top of the technology, now we have changed our entire website and dashboard from bootstrap 2 to bootstrap 3, and we also added this blog! Let us know what you think!