$9.00 USD
Extra Modsecurity Vendor Rules For cPanel/WHM
ColumbusSoft collection of multiple 3rd-Party and customer ModSecurity rule sets to add additional security with extra attention to Wordpress, WHMCS, Joomla, Prestashop and etc.
$30.00 USD
Penetration Testing/PCI Compliance Preparation
We have developed and refined a broad array of security assessment modules. These activities allow us to provide a custom-tailored assessment program, examining specific areas of concern with pinpoint accuracy and precision.
Structured planning, research, & preparation
Application reconnaissance & analysis
Application spidering
Automated scanning
False positive assessment & removal
Exploit testing
Results & risk analysis
Advanced validation & code analysis
Reporting & issue cataloging
Executive recommendations
Technical recommendations
$600.00 USD

Static/Dynamic Code Analysis/Risk_assessment
By reviewing your source code, making adjustments to secure the business logic, and input verification of your software we reduce the risk of compromise. This is done by both experts reading the code and also doing penetration testing on a staged/sandbox environment that is a clone of your platform.
The sophistication of the analysis performed by tools varies from code to code, that only consider the behavior of individual statements and declarations, to those that include the complete source code of a program in their analysis. The uses of the information obtained from the analysis vary from highlighting possible coding errors (e.g., the lint tool) to formal methods that mathematically prove properties about a given program (e.g., its behavior matches that of its specification).
Software metrics and reverse engineering is also done in certain cases where the source code is encrypted or obfuscated.
$50.00 USD
$50.00 Setup Fee
Web Vulnerability/Exploit Scanner
The active scanning of files can help prevent exploitation of an account by malware by deleting or moving suspicious files to quarantine before they become active. It can also prevent the uploading of PHP and perl shell scripts, commonly used to launch more malicious attacks and for sending spam.
We also allow you to perform on-demand scanning of files, directories and user accounts for suspected exploits, viruses and suspicious resources (files, directories, symlinks, sockets). You can run scans of existing user data to see if exploits have been uploaded in the past or via methods not covered by the active scanning. It has been tuned for performance and scalability.
$9.99 USD
DKIM Mail Service - DomainKeys Identified Mail Digital Signing
DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM) allows senders to associate a domain name with an email message, thus vouching for its authenticity.
This is done by "signing" the email with a digital signature, a field that is added to the message's header. A "signature" is generated by the sending mail transfer agent (MTA) using an algorithm, applied to the content of the signed fields, which creates a unique string of characters, a "hash value." When the signature is generated, the public key used to generate it is stored at the listed domain. After recieving the email, the recipient MTA can verify the DKIM signature by recovering the signer's public key through DNS. It then uses that key to decrypt the hash value in the email's header and simultaneously recalculate the hash value for the mail message it recieved.