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PrestaShop security release

  • 11th Augusztus 2015
In light of a security issue we have been made aware of, we have patched all Prestashop instances on all client websites and edited the code to secure your online store.We just wanted to let you know that if you see articles on the internet about PrestaShop security issues that you are already covered and secured.The vulneribility was due to the ...
Tovább olvasom Routing through Akamai

  • 14th Július 2015 and Akamai Network TechnologyThe following only applies to customers using through ColumbusSoft's Reseller program, other clients will be notified in the next few months but may need to cover the charges on their application end (API).  Over the coming months, Authorize.Net will be upgrading access to the Internet ...
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Route53 IP Changes

  • 5th Február 2015
If you're using Route 53 health checks, you must ensure that your router and firewall rules allow inbound traffic from the IP addresses used by Route 53's health checkers, so that Route 53 can access the endpoints that you specify in your health checks.As we have explained earlier in our forum post ...
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